FIIT is our signature class. In this functional HIIT workout, we combine muscle endurance and cardio. The upbeat and friendly environment around simple but effective exercices is ideal for your weight-loss and muscle toning goals!

This class doesn't require any equipment. All exercices are bodyweight, but you can always scale it up to your level by using some moderate weights!

45 Min




What to expect in a FIIT session?


The class starts with a briefing. The instructors explain the goals and the training protocol used during the session. Then, they demonstrate the movements that will be incorporated in the workout, and propose a modified version for each movement. During this demonstration step, they will point out the elements to pay attention to for each movement.


Next step is warm up. This consists in loosen your muscles and elevate your heart rate to workout frequency. It's important to jump in a HIIT session with proper warmup!

Workout Core

FIIT consists in performing 5 rounds of a 5-exercices circuit.

Each exercice is performed on a 35sec/10sec pattern: 35s of effort, 10 seconds of rest.

After going through 5 exercices, we take an active rest period of 1 minute between rounds. This ensures you are constantly moving during the entire workout for optimum results! 

Cool Down and Stretching

When the core of the workout is done, we let the body cool down for 3-4 minutes and then stretch to ensure a better recovery.

Is FIIT for me?

We actually recommend to start with this class if you're new to fitness.

Benefits from FIIT

Develop your muscle endurance and your overall cardio. Improve your coordination and get in better sync with your body.

How DO I ATTEND a session?

You need to book your class in advance. See our schedule to book your next session!
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  • You must preregister for all group fitness classes. We allow up to 7 days ahead of time to register. Go to our schedule here so that you can sign up online. 
  • Once registered, you have up to 30mn before class to cancel your reservation.
  • For your safety, please arrive five to ten minutes ahead of class to check in through the Front Desk and stay for the duration of class
  • Please remember, there are no reserved spots or holding of spaces for class.
  • Personal Hygiene: please wear clean exercise clothing and indoor sneakers..

We reserve the right to cancel classes with low attendance.
Classes and teachers are subject to change without notice.

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