Our Philosophy

At Alpha Shape, we promote the importance of a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle by making fitness and health achievable to anyone and everyone. That's why we focus on 3 pillars: training, nutrition and relaxation.

Healthy active lifestyle requires movement. Training is a perfect way to stay active.

Our Training Philosophy

You've heard it over and over: nutrition is key. But what you may haven't heard is that it doesn't have to be painful or boring.

Our Nutrition approach

It's not only about sweat and effort. We know that treating and resting your body well brings the best results.

Our relaxation principles

Training Philosophy

There are multiple types of training techniques and regimen to get to specific fitness goals. At Alpha Shape, we value Functional Training and HIIT Workouts.

Not all of us want to look like 1970s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most of the time we just want to perform better in our day-to-day tasks: run after a bus, play with our kids, climb the stairs, go for a hike without knee pain, move our furniture...


Functional training exercises mimic or recreate everyday movements. These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and muscle groups. This style of training builds and sculpts lean, functional muscle, and is accessible to all fitness levels.

Squatting, jumping, pushing, twisting, kicking, rowing, biking, lifting, pulling - all of these movements qualify as functional and are used at the heart of Alpha Shape workouts to help make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life.

Functional training is our preferred way to get back to healthy habits as it doesn't require fancy equipment. Your body is more than enough to make you perform better. Of course, this doesn't prevent you from using some additional weight to reach bigger results!


Functional training helps improve the overall function of your body, boosting muscle strength and endurance. Because it targets compound movements instead of isolating specific muscles, it is a great starting point for anyone at any age and fitness level. If you're new to working out, it can be hard to choose which fitness style will serve you best. Functional movement will help improve all your physical abilities without causing stress to your body and joints.

Adding functional training to your workout routine will help you:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve metabolic rate
  • Strengthen your core and stability
  • Improve posture and decrease back pain
  • Increase speed and power
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase coordination, agility and balance
  • Improve your cardio-vascular capacity
  • Improve flexibility
  • Build lean muscle


Because it works!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a proven technique that helps burn up to 30% more calories than conventional cardio workouts. HIIT workouts are short (20-30mn), fun, and very effective. There is no need to rush, everyone works at their own pace and level.

The Alpha Shape team is always looking for emerging training concepts as well as fine-tuning existing training programs.


From group to 1-on-1, including virtual training. We've got you covered

Nutrition Philosophy

Our nutritional framework aims to be the least restrictive possible. At Alpha Shape, we use your eating habits, preferences and lifestyle to help you organize not a menu, but a routine based on our "winning formula", into which you will incorporate the foods you love.


A Realistic Approach

We build a foundation for long-term success.

Intermittent fasting, keto, carbs cycling, paleo, Dukan, ultra-low-fat...it's easy to get lost out with the multiple diets and eating regimen out there. We believe it is not realistic to stop eating your favorite food for the rest of your life, but that it is pretty easy to control your portions so you don't overeat. Adopting healthy eating habits that are sustainable for the long term is what we promote. Whether you are already knowledgeable or you have no idea what you're getting into, we provide you the right material so you stop guessing and start taking action.

A common mistake is to focus only on the weight on the scale. Remember, every individual is unique: age, gender, job lifestyle, etc. What matters most to us is your body composition, your energy levels and your overall improvements in every aspect of your wellness. That's why we don't tackle nutrition with drastic restrictive generic meal plans.

At Alpha Shape, we also understand that it is overwhelming and counterproductive to give you a bunch of recommendations upfront. What we do instead is providing simple tips that you can progressively add to your routine. In the long run, you will be able to easily balance your diet and feel energized to tackle your goals!

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Relaxation Philosophy

Sleep, stress, mobility, and mental/emotional well being cannot be overlooked or understated when we want to achieve great fitness goals.

Relax to perform better

You wear your body out when you workout. Your energy stores are depleted, your muscles and other tissues are broken down and your body is in a fatigued state. In order to keep performing well, your body needs to relax and recover properly. It is as important as training.

Recovery is critical for physiological and psychological reasons. It is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. It also helps maintain a better balance between home, work, and fitness goals.

We believe that adding relaxation habits to your routine helps optimize your performances to reach your goals faster and safer.

Train for longevity

Health is a lifelong journey, and there is no need to rush in training if it is not sustainable for the long run. You'll need to allow your body to heal and recover properly if you want to keep taking your walks when you are 90!

That's why we incorporate habits and resources in our programs. Whether it is passive/active recovery, meditation, or stress management, we provide resources to keep your body and your mind fresh to tackle your everyday challenges!

Recovery benefits

There are countless benefits from recovery and relaxation:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Reducing soreness
  • Encouraging mindfulness
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Helping you maintain your exercise routine
  • ...

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